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  1. ochSubscriptions

    Joomla! has a long history of being the perfect CMS (Content Management System). It is powering millions of websites around the globe. ochSubscriptions extends Joomla with the possibility to convert your website into a subscription based and community enabled business website. Whether you focus on B2B or B2C, ochSubscriptions has got you covered!

    ochSubscriptions is a fork of the renowned (but abandoned) rd-subs extension that was and still is used to power the subscription business for a lot of (Joomla) extension developers.

    Time to convert your Joomla website into a Subscription based and Community enabled business website!

    ochSubscription is based on and fully integrated with Joomla, it gives you the following benefits:

    • Joomla ACL: all subscription assigned access rights are handled by Core Joomla ACL (Access View levels), you set which Joomla user groups are assigned to the customer when subscribing and can set a (different) set of user groups that the user will be removed from when the subscription expires: maximum flexibility.
    • Joomla Security: all access and authorisation is handled by Core Joomla
    • EU VAT: Fully configurable to comply to your business / country EU VAT rules including validation of the VAT number of B2B Customers (integrated VIES check)
    • (EU) VAT Rates: Support for standard and reduced vat rates (per EU country configurable) and even support for products that are exempt of VAT. Updating of the VAT rates can be done manually or automatic as part of an active subscription.
    • Flexible Renewals: renewal discount can be set globally or per product giving you the perfect offering to entice your existing customer in keep doing business with you.
    • (Expiry) discounts: flexible discounts can be configured globally or per product where you can set an (unlimited) amount of rules specifying expiry time and discount percentage. Your customers will be emailed a coupon code to get the discount resulting in sustainable subscriptions and business!
    • Coupon Codes: create coupon codes with fixed amounts or as a percentage, on the complete order or for a specific product or user. All coupons can have an optional start and end date making it easy to run campaigns!
    • File distribution: Comes out of the box with file / download functionality
    • Extension distribution: fully integrated with Joomla One Click updater when using the ochSubscription provided download ID for the customer
    • Multilingual Template system: create templates for the emails that are send via the system and invoices created. Use a sophisticated Content Construction logic to customize the these templates to hold all relevant information for your customers
    • RD-Subscriptions import and RD-Subscriptions updater / download 'catcher': guaranteeing a smooth and hassle free transition for extension developers > old rd-subs updater URL keep working as they are replaced on the fly by ochSubscriptions!
    • Joomla One Click Updater: distribute your Joomla extensions to your customers via their website's One Click updater!
    • Watchful Integration: ochSubscription can provide your customer with a Watchful download key allowing them to update your extension via Watchful
    • Customer pages: ochSubscriptions gives your customers direct insight into their active and inactive subscriptions, their invoices and their available downloads
    • Billing information: Billing information needed for invoicing is integrated with the default Joomla User Edit view, just like Joomla Custom Fields are!
    • Offline Payment: ochSubscription comes out-of -the-box with the PayLater payment plugin, this gives your customer the possibility to buy a subscription, get an invoice and once they paid the invoice you can process their order and activate their subscription.
    • Online Payment provider: The new PayPal checkout buttons and Mollie (dutch payment provider) payment plugins are available as separate downloads (require additional subscription).
    • and more to come....
  2. Tubeflix

    Your YouTube Channel directly in your website

    TUBEFLIX for Joomla! is a module that displays the content (playlists & videos) of a Youtube channel to your visitors. TUBEFLIX for Joomla! was developed with the intention that your visitors do not have to leave your site to see your Youtube videos. Fully dynamic and "Mobile First-developed", TUBEFLIX is your professional solution to embed your Youtube channel on your Joomla! site.

    Incredibly fast

    TUBEFLIX automatically loads the latest videos from the corresponding channel, thanks to caching in the database the videos are available in a blink of an eye (okey maybe 2 or 3 while caching is active) - no matter if your channel contains 100 or 10'000 videos.
    The cache is automatically generated by your visitors. You define in the backend in which interval the content should be updated. If a visitor opens TUBEFLIX after the cache duration has expired, the cache is automatically updated for the next visitor. This saves time, resources and your API quota.

    Privacy First

    TUBEFLIX has an (optional) integrated disclaimer. Title & texts can be freely defined in the backend. Content is only loaded when the disclaimer has been accepted. Additionally, it is possible to link an article with further privacy information.

    Mobile friendly

    TUBEFLIX was developed for display on mobile devices. Thanks to the integration of great frameworks, TUBEFLIX is not only fast but also user-friendly - whether on mobile or on PC.

  3. Whatsapp Support Button

    Whatsapp Support module can be used as LIVE SUPPORT via WHATSAPP as it allows your website visitors to send messages directly to you or your agent's Whatsapp.

  4. Randomizer

    Randomizer is an awesome module that can help you load different other selected modules in a particular module position randomly upon reloading the page.

  5. JoomSMS

    JoomSMS is the best SMS Joomla extension that let you send follow-up campaigns, auto-responders, newsletters, promotions, deals, automated messages... via SMS/Text messages.

    Main Features

    • Send SMS/Text Messages
    • Schedule SMS to be sent in the future
    • Handle delivery reports to get statistics about your SMS
    • Send Birthday SMS
    • Send follow up SMS
    • Include personal information in your SMS (user name for example)
    • Filter your receivers to create targeted SMS campaigns
    • Send automatic SMS (when an order is confirmed, when an order is created...)
    • Manage SMS answers and execute automatic actions based on the received answer
    • E-commerce integrations: send an SMS to your buyer when the status of his order changes
    • Support +50 SMS providers
    • And more ...

    Users Management Features

    • Import/Export JoomSMS users
    • Manage a black list of SMS numbers
    • Sell credits to your users
    • Manage your users from the Front-end
    • Create user groups

    Messages Management Features

    • Send SMS in mass
    • Schedule your SMS to be sent in the future
    • Follow-up/Birthday SMS
    • Send an SMS when an order is confirmed or created
    • Send SMS based on events
    • Include user information in your message with our tag system
    • Filtering system to deliver your SMS to a sub-part of your users
    • Send MMS to your users (Gateway specific feature)
    • Manage your conversation with a single user

    Answers Management Features

    • Receive SMS answers
    • Execute automatically an action based on the content of the received SMS

    Statistics Features

    • How many messages were sent / how many failed
    • Detailed error if the message has not been sent
    • How many messages were received
    • Handle delivery reports

    Sending Process Features

    • Queue management system to not lose a single SMS
    • Automatic send process
    • Cron Job service

    Integrations with Joomla 3rd party extensions

    • Social Networking: Community Builder, JomSocial
    • E-commerce: HikaShop, RedShop, VirtueMart
    • Jobs & Recruitment: Easy Jobs Manager

    Supported SMS Providers

    • OVH
    • Nexmo
    • LOX24
    • OneWaySMS
    • SmsBroadcast
    • and more ...